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18 June 2015
How to Make a Good First Impression with a Clean Office
How to Make a Good First Impression with a Clean Office

Your office says a lot about you and your company. If it is full of clutter, stacks of disorganized paperwork and leftover sandwiches sticking out of the trash can, you can be sure that any possible clients or customers will not be best amused. In order to make a good impression to potential clients you must have a clean and tidy office to work from so here is how you can achieve it in no time.

Clear Desktop
One of the first things that a visitor to your office will notice is the state of your desktop. You will need to make sure that all of your stationary is kept together, perhaps in a container where you can reach your things easily whenever you might need them. Office cleaning doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be organised. A messy office will make it more difficult for you to concentrate on your work. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind after all so make sure that your things are neat and that there is no unnecessary clutter clogging up space in your office.

Flawless Electronics
Cleaning electronics is simple. All you need is a packet of wipes made specifically for keeping electronics clean and wipe your keyboard and monitor at the end of each day. Bits of food can often find their way into the crevasses of your keyboard and can even jam a key if it gets stuck in the wrong place. To avoid this and any other possible accidents, try not to eat your lunch at your desk and if you do, be careful you don’t spill any crumbs!

Clean Carpets and Rugs
Carpet cleaning is very important in any office as a clean floor will automatically make the rest of the room look more presentable. Carpet cleaners are really effective at lifting tough stains that have been left to soak into the carpet fibres. Make sure to blot stains with a clean cloth to avoid making the stain worse. You could even use a carpet steamer to give your floor a complete makeover, a sure way to impress any visitors that you may have in the future. You can even hire professional cleaners to make your carpets as good as new.

Organized Paperwork
It can be easy to sit back and watch as your stacks of paperwork grow larger with each passing day but unfortunately this may not present you or your company in the best light. Store files and documents in separate folders to help you to keep better track of them. Keep the most urgent files close at hand and the old documents in storage to lessen the confusion at work.

Tidy Drawers
Flimsy items such as spare notepads, staplers and paperclips can be easy to lose track of which is why some handy drawer dividers will provide an instant sorting system for your office. If you want to save money on dividers, cut up an old shoe box to use as section walls in your drawer. This is ideal to organise your mail from the rest of your office possessions.

Useful Labels
Labels provide a great way in which to keep track of various things around the office. Put them on folders, boxes and drawers to help reduce clutter in the office. Using labels isn’t just great for work they are also great to help you out with home cleaning as they can be used to separate socks and t-shirts etc.

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