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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       I have been using SwissCottageCleaners for one and half years now, and there really is nothing I can say about them that hasn't been said before. They really do a wonderful job and completely transform your home. I love getting back to my place after they have been there cleaning my home. It smells so clean and fresh, and the best part it, it stays that way for long. I really love using their services!    
J. O' Connell18/02/2015

       I run a small office of only a few people. We are kept busy by our work and so we can't concentrate on the mess. Litter, crumbs and more build up, which can make it tough to get our work done. In order to keep things clean, we hired SwissCottageCleaners. Their cleaning staff came to my workplace and saw to all sorts of mess and stains, while we did our work. Now we can work in a clean, sanitary and safe environment thanks to them.    
George S.18/12/2014

       My 3 piece suit is old but not damaged so I decided not to replace it but hopefully get it cleaned in an attempt to make it look brighter and cleaner again. I saw an advert for SwissCottageCleaners who are professional upholstery cleaners. I asked them to do what they could and I am astonished at the results. Everything looks years younger and I feel that for the price I paid for the work it was far cheaper than buying a new suite.    
Alistair Quigley24/11/2014

       We needed help with our end of tenancy cleaning at the end of our last lease. It was getting worrying as we had only two days to sort something out and move house but SwissCottageCleaners were able to come that afternoon with a full set of cleaning gear and clean the place from top to bottom. It saved us a lot of time and probably saved our deposit and they did all the toughest jobs we had been dreading like scrubbing out the oven and cleaning the bathroom tiles and the toilet. They weren't too expensive either.    

       I needed an end of tenancy clean done as I was moving away to Europe for six months and it wasn't viable to keep renting the flat. Anyway, the point is I got my deposit back which is all that matters and the fact the cleaning that was done was really good, excellent in fact. I would have been astonished if my landlord had said to me the flat wasn't clean enough after the cleaners from SwissCottageCleaners had done such an excellent job. It was faultless. I did tell by their manner immediately in fact they were really good, professional, and they knew what they were doing. I would recommend this company to anyone.    
Paul D.13/08/2014

       Here is hoping that SwissCottageCleaners continue to give such good office cleaning service for the price that they do. As an office manager, I am devoted to ensuring that the place is run well, looks great, and that everyone is happy. I have to admit, that having such a good cleaning team make all of this a lot easier on my part. They have been excellent in terms of ensuring that nothing gets moved that should not, as well as making sure that the office is presentable when clients come in for meetings.    
Beverly P.31/07/2014

       I think that SwissCottageCleaners's window cleaning service is the best one that I've ever used. This is a company that's highly reputable, with experienced staff, a good range of cleaning products and specialist equipment and with an excellent knowledge when it comes to window cleaning. There were no streaks to be found once my window cleaner had finished, and the job was done really quickly without compromising on quality. This is a truly great window cleaning service that I wholeheartedly recommend. Many thanks to the lovely and professional cleaners who help me every time I give them a call!    
Rob Tollen08/07/2014

       I was so happy with the home clean service I have just had. I was unsure at first how I would feel with a person I didn't know doing my cleaning. I needn't have worried; the cleaning ladies were very chatty and thorough with their cleaning work. They looked smart in their company uniform and came with plenty of cleaning materials and equipment. They scrubbed, dusted, swept, mopped and vacuumed until the entire house was sparkling clean. I was so pleased with the work; I will certainly be using them again in the near future. Also the cost was good too.    
Kathleen Hart12/06/2014

       When it comes to getting my cleaning done efficiently, I find that it is best to keep myself out of the whole situation! I have been using SwissCottageCleaners for a while now, and they really are the best that I have come across in my time using cleaning companies. I hope that others reading this will understand that when you are going through the selection process, it is hard to find a trustworthy comment on a cleaning company, and fine some truth in my recommendation! You won't regret it, I certainly didn't!    
Heather Price14/05/2014

       Should you be in need of a great cleaning team, there can be no better than SwissCottageCleaners. I have found them to be most reliable on all accounts, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend them to all those reading this! I have been using them for a few months, and they have not let me down once, not on time keeping, nor on cleaning service. With everything that they do, it seems that they have top value in mind, and I can't fault them for that one bit! A very highly recommended cleaning team, get involved!    
Rodney Curtis29/04/2014

       Hiring SwissCottageCleaners as my office cleaning solution was the best thing I could have done for my business! I'd just moved my office into the area, and I'd tried a few disappointing office cleaning services before coming across this one - I only wish it hadn't taken so long for me to find them! The cleaners are obviously very professional and very reliable, with the office cleaning skills that I was hoping for. The other companies I tried didn't have the office cleaning experience that I was hoping for, and I'm glad that this company have been able to provide everything that I needed and much more!    

       My carpets were looking a little grim and I didn't quite have the money to replace them. A friend suggested SwissCottageCleaners and had previous great experiences with them. I gave them a call and they were very friendly. They managed to fit me in a few days later which was great since I didn't have to wait too long. They came in and cleaned all my carpets in a single day and I was surprised to see how clean they actually were. The carpets looked and felt great and the shampoo had a lovely aroma which left the house smelling great too.     
Lisa Goodwood27/03/2014

       I am very happy to be able to recommend SwissCottageCleaners to all those out there in need of an excellent cleaning service. You would be hard pushed to find better, but if you can then all the best to you. This lot are great at what they do, and do so with a smile on their faces, whilst charging a fraction of what they could be! So, if you like the sound of a company who give you more than you pay for and are friendly and polite as they do so, then you should certainly give them a call right away!    
Phillip Leonard05/03/2014

       I hired SwissCottageCleaners to provide a routine cleaning service for my home. I don't have enough time to provide a thorough cleaning to my home on a routine basis. I needed a little extra help with some more thorough cleaning. The staff were able to truly accommodate my specific needs. They were hard working and catered to my schedule. I couldn't have hired a better company and I am always pleased with the service they provide. Thanks to this great staff, I can have more time to relax during the week! A job well done, I would definitely recommend you to all my friends!    
Wendy P.18/02/2014