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14 February 2014
Cleaning The Floors In Your Home
Cleaning The Floors In Your Home

Domestic cleaning comes with all of its ups and downs, but most of the issues that you will come across will revolve around not really knowing the easiest way to do things. This can either be because you have always done things in a certain way, or because there is a more complex side to cleaning certain items around the house. The variations in how to clad a floor in the home means that there are a great many different surfaces to be found throughout the house, and given that the floor gets the most contact of anything in your home, it is pretty wise to know how best to clean each of the various surfaces that you have around! A professional cleaner will be able to give you a lot of advice on the matter, but a brief run down on proper floor cleaning may well be of use to you.

Carpets are very popular across the United Kingdom. They offer a high level of comfort when you have your shoes off, and many people enjoy the uniformity of having them throughout the house. If you are one of these people, then you will likely have to battle with keeping them clean on a regular basis! Of course, vacuuming the whole house will keep a certain amount of dust off of the carpets, but in the pile there will be a great deal of build up that comes of the fibers trapping dirt and dust, so a proper clean is often necessary. Carpet shampoo, steam cleaning and dry cleaning your carpets will mean that you can successfully get rid of the dust and debris of daily life extremely easily, however, knowing which option is best for you can be tricky. Shampooing can be done without professional help, but the residue that is left after the shampoo has dried can leave the carpet feeling a little sticky. Steam cleaning is hugely effective, but in certain instances, there may be a little moisture left in the pile, which can lead to damp and mould, which will ruin the whole carpet if not treated properly. Dry cleaning is expensive, but the best option by far. The compound attracts dirt to it, and when scrubbed in to the carpet by a machine, provides an incredibly deep clean. As ever, the toss-up between going for the cheap, short term option or the expensive long term is up to you!

With hard floors, you will often need not much more than a vacuum and a mop! Lino, tiles, wood, even soft and hard stone, they can all be cleaned easily and effectively with a little dishwashing liquid in a bucket of hot water. The de-greasing qualities of washing up liquid is all you really need to lift away dirt and grease form the floor, and the hot water will dilute it, so that it is evaporated away. More expensive finishes like marble, travertine, slate and granite will seem like they need really specialist attention, but in most cases, the neutral PH of washing up soap is perfect, as they are not too acidic nor alkaline to strip the stone of its sealant, nor etch in to it. With these delicate surfaces, you need to be sure to hoover as often as you can bear it, as this will ensure that harder debris won’t scratch in to the surface, marking it more permanently. More porous surfaces will need a dryer mop when mopping, as excess water will often leave damp marks that will cause problems in the future.

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